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The Nautical Abyss Submersible Suit the (N.A.S. Suit) was built October 26, 2052 by the United Nations' New World Colonization Protocol. The suit, designed by Frank Osman, is made for searching the depths of Earth's ocean. The cost of the suit was just under $17 million. The N.A.S. Suit can be piloted by one man, much like astronauts piloted their own suits.

Design Edit

The design of the suit includes a self-propulsion mechanism that will help maneuvering the sea floor, a in-helmet camera for taking pictures at a moment's notice, top of the line heads-up display for optimal navigation and monitoring vital signs, and finally a built-in communication device that links up directly with the offices of NWCP. The suit is able to go ten miles deep into the ocean - well over the known depth of the Mariana Trench.