Morgan Alice

Designed by "Igor Vrazic" on DeviantART: September 1st 2024 - Richmond, Virginia Death N/A

Morgan Alice is a scientist working for the United Nations New World Colonization Protocol (NWCP). It's the year 2053 and humanity is forced to abandon all hopes of space colonization. Instead, we have chosen to look for a new home in the depths of our own oceans. Choosing deep inside of the Mariana Trench, Morgan Alice's job is to guide divers in finding this new found civilization.

Morgan Alice's Past is directly connected to the back-story of the game-the disaster of losing the International Space Station (ISS) is the darkest day of Morgan's history. Morgan's older sister, Marie Alice, was onboard the ISS at the time of its destruction and has since left Morgan by herself on Earth without any other immediate family. Morgan has devoted her life to finding ways to better humanity eventually choosing to pursue a position in the New World Colonization Protocol.

Morgan Alice is a forward thinker (progressive), lonely, and talkative. Morgan's job is to obtaining the pictures of the creatures and landscape of the abyss, and ultimately, she wants humanity to survive as a whole. Morgan's main inspiration to keep working with the NWCP are Morgan's older sister and Frank Osman (the engineer who designed the Station Trieste and N.A.S. Suit used during the game).