Frank Osman

Designed by "ReneBlom" on DeviantART: July 16, 1993 - Sundvall, Sweden Death October 12, 2046

Franklin J. Osman (July 16, 1993 - October 12, 2046), commonly referred to as Frank Osman, was an engineer and scientist for the United Nations New World Colonization Protocol (NWCP). His body of work includes: the N.A.S. Suit, Station Trieste, nuclear powered trucks, and the ZENITH Missile. Frank was known for his forward thinking with the NWCP and helped shaped the future for possible deep sea colonization of the Earth.

Early History Edit

Frank was born in Sundsvall, Sweden before moving with this family to Bar Harbor, Maine in 2001. Growing up, he battled with ADD and eventually dropped out of high school. Osman instead focused on his own inventions wanting to create a better future for humanity.

His favorite hangout spot was in Acadia National Park right next to his home in Bar Harbor. Osman enjoyed sailing, drawing, and fishing as a youth and even won several fishing competitions. Acadia National Park served as a place of tranquility he could resort to when developing his skills as an artist.

Acadia National Park Coast

Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine

In 2016, he left his home and moved to Richmond, Virginia to pursue a career in his fostering interest of engineering. The only thing he took with him was his journal and his sketchpad containing all his designs. His work caught the eye of Dr. James Hamilton (Morgan Alice's biological father) whom introduced Osman to the Directive of Nautical Innovations.

Engineering Edit